The Amazing Braided Designs Of This Braid Artist Are A Sensation Online

What do you do when you want your hair braided? You go to a hairstylist to braid them for you. This is all standard stuff. But what can you say for someone who literally uses your scalp as a canvass to make amazing braided designs! Meet Natalia, who is more popularly known as Natalystyles on the net. She calls herself a braid artist and what she does is simply phenomenal.

This professional hair braider, located in Miami, Florida, is good at what she does since she is naturally gifted. She’s not only immensely talented in braiding, but also has a collection of some really fantastic braid designs. Once you pick and choose what you want to be done, she takes over and does the braiding so artistically that it has to be seen to be believed. Little wonder she has become the darling of people who get simply zapped by her braiding skills with tresses of all textures and sizes.

Natalystyles even figures on Amazon Prime, where her skills are keenly watched by millions. In addition, she also commands pride of place in magazines, such as Cosmopolitan and Stasha Harris, where she’s simply adored. Even websites like Style Seat contain rave reviews and some outstanding comments from people who have tried her. Little wonder she enjoys a 5-star rating on this site.

Natalystles has her own hairstyling and braiding saloon. She specializes in creating unique design patterns and fishbone designs. However, she extends her services only to adults and not to kids. What’s more, she does house calls too on prior appointments.

Natalystyles follows her own rule book when it comes to providing her services. Prior appointment is a must, otherwise, you can end up waiting forever; this is how busy she remains! It comes as no surprise that she charges 100 percent for no shows and 50 percent for late cancellations, that is, after 24 hours when the appointment starts. However, you get a full refund if you cancel the appointment before 24 hours.

Natalystyle enjoys a following of over 165,000 fans on Instagram and more than 1.8 million on Facebook.


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