The Amazing ‘Paper Filigree’ Of This Artist Is Drawing Positive Responses From Viewers

Justine Kuran, a self-taught artist who practices the ancient art of ‘quilling’ or ‘paper filigree’ lives by the motto ‘Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday’. But, as far as her art goes, she certainly doesn’t need to worry about anything, either today or tomorrow!

This is because Kuran is a workaholic and has been working tirelessly on her craft for the past five and a half years from her home studio. Her incredible 3D pieces of art are all handmade originals. She takes care to meticulously hand roll, curl, shape, cut, fold and glue strips of paper to not only create pieces of art, but also things of utility, such as greeting and gift cards, mugs and limited-edition prints.

Kuran’s potential in creating gifts has bagged her assignments from various international and local organizations and celebrities. The celebrities include former Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper; former Australian prime minister, John Howard; Hollywood legends Goldie Hawn and Jane Seymour; and many others.

Kuran’s inspiration comes from the works of Ai Weiwei, Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, and David Hockney. She’s also drawn to symbols and symbolism, such as the OM of the Hindus, Chinese Yin and Yang, etc. She’s also attracted to positive people and inspirational quotes.

Kuran loves art that has depth and texture since it provokes the viewers to observe the art closely or to reach out and touch it. She’s always thinking out newer ways to present her work and focuses on more contemporary pieces on a larger scale than she has ever done before.

Despite her hectic schedule, Kuran devotes time to her lovely husband Bernie, whom she married in 2000 and with whom she did vow-renewal in Vegas in 2014, and her three adorable teenaged daughters.

With rising popularity on social media, Kuran is working exclusively on her first solo exhibition since last year.

Justine Kuran

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