Incredible Art Of Filipino Digital Artist Is Creating A Storm On The Internet

If you’re a fan of action comics, then Wizyakuza is for you. His sketches are so action-packed that they simply grab eyeballs. Wizyakuza’s real name is Ceasar Ian Muyuela and he’s a digital illustrator and artist from San Mateo, Rizal, the Philippines.

This amazing digital artist is certainly a cut above the rest. While most digital artists, waste their skills in simple work and earn peanuts, Wizyakuza decided to blaze his own trail. He partnered with Christian Gaarenstroom, a recent college graduate self-employed entrepreneur from the US to create a unique brand and to share his artistic talent.

He finds new clients to commission his work across the globe and sells his sketches. Needless to say, this partnership is doing wonders for both.

Wizyakuza explains his art on his website, thus, “Art is an evolution of ideas, and I strive to continually produce interesting, powerful, and vibrant creations for the world. Most of my work is influenced and based on pop culture characters and references, as represented by what I genuinely loved and lived for when I grew up as a child. Surrounding myself with these concepts has only pushed me to improve and try to reach the highest level I can get to.”

Wizyakuza is influenced by Ayami Kojima, the artist of Castlevania, and his vampire themes. He found them really cool. However, he caters to all kinds of themes and likes to do what his clients want. Once commissioned, he sketches what is required and submits it for approval. Once approved, he proceeds to color it.

One look at Wizyakuza’s sketches and you’ll know what a back-breaking work this is. It isn’t surprising that a normal sketch takes around four to five hours to complete…the more complicated ones, about eight hours! Such incredible art has its takers too in high places. He has commissioned work for many celebrities, entertainers, voice actors, and convention organizers.

Wizyakuza enjoys a following of over 257,000 fans on Instagram alone. His works can only be purchased from his website or in-person from Christian at a comic convention.

Wizyakuza Art: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Deviantart

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