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Vatsal Kataria – A Miniature Photographer Par Excellence

a miniature world derived from imaginations

Not for him the expensive photo shoot sets and outdoor locations, Vatsal Kataria makes do with his innovative and extremely creative miniature sets crafted in his studio. Little wonder this commercial photographer has earned the sobriquet of big photographer with small budget.  

Vatsal Kataria

It all started when Vatsal was experimenting with miniature photography. Over time, his hands-on learning in this genre helped him to hone this skill to produce a unique art form. As to why he chose miniature photography art, he says, “My motive is to encourage everyone that you can be creative and great photographer – it’s not just expensive gear and props.”

Vatsal Kataria

Vatsal Kataria’s photography set up does not cost much. This is because of his resolve not only to avoid spending on life-size props and models, but also to cut costs even on his miniatures of the same. This is the reason why he makes use of ordinary household things to create his miniature sets. This, according to him, not only makes it the cheapest option, but also awakens the miniature photography artist in him.

Vatsal Kataria

Before the creative bug bit him and made Vatsal Kataria Instagram a success story, he was more inclined towards becoming a mountain climber, a race car driver, a sailor, a pilot, an astronaut and what have you. In other words, he wanted to experience every thrill that life had to offer to a professional.

Vatsal Kataria

Since he couldn’t be all at the same time, he settled for the next best option, that is, becoming a miniature photography artist. This was only possible due to his creative acumen and thinking out of the box. For instance, he could visualize the Egyptian pyramids, snowbound Fuji mountain, a racing car burning the tracks, and other natural and man-made wonders most vividly.

Vatsal Kataria

All he did was to translate his creative ideas in the form of models. For example, his creations of miniature photography cars moving on a rain-soaked road and other settings are so realistic that they can easily be mistaken for the real thing. Similarly, you can feel the drizzling rain in a forest or enjoy the calmness of an island’s shore and much more, thanks to his miniature photography effect.

Vatsal Kataria

For a photographer to receive such attention from all quarters of the globe is no mean feat. It is his extraordinary skills in conceptualizing his creations that has taken the media world by storm. His first conceptual photoshoot of a miniature created from a scratch received rave reviews. Soon, he started figuring in national newspapers, online bulletins and national television in over a dozen countries.

Vatsal Kataria

Since then, there has been no looking back for him. He continues to remain under the spotlight and has earned the title of the most exemplary and iconic conceptual photographer around the world. Even after gaining a huge fanbase and getting published in more than 20 countries, Vatsal remains humble. Whatever projects he undertakes, he starts as a green horn and completes it with the expertise of a pro.

Vatsal Kataria

As to why his creativity is so alluring, he says, “I aspire for my photos to be an extension of my soul which gifts others a deep sense of beautiful calmness in their heart.” Beautiful thinking of an amazingly creative mind!

Vatsal Kataria

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