For Winter Sports Enthusiasts, Levi In Finland Is The Place To Be In During Winters

If you’re a diehard skiing fan, you’d already know Levi, located in the icy wilderness of Finland. This skiers’ paradise is just 180 kilometers (112 miles) north of the Arctic Circle. It has some of the best ski slopes in the world.

Levi is actually a fell, that is, a high and barren icy landscape, that abounds in spectacular valleys and stunning frozen lakes, adding to the incredible Lappish landscape. The ski resort is located in Village Sirkka in the Kittilä municipality in the Western Lapland. This village, with a population of 500, is known to the world as Levi.

Levi, Finland weather

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Levi’s summer season begins from around mid-June to mid-August, with temperatures ranging from 10°C (50°F) to 25°C (77°F). The winter season extends from November to March with January being the coldest.

The average annual maximum temperature is 3.5°C (38°F) and the minimum, -5.0°C (-41°F). This makes Levi’s winter season ideal for winter sports. Skiing enthusiasts gather in Levi during the winter months to enjoy skiing and other adventure sports.

How to get to Levi, Finland

To get to Levi you’ll need to take a flight from Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, to Kittilä, the Levi Finland airport. Levi is just a 10-minute drive from the airport. You can also travel by train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, and then travel by bus to Kittilä. The whole journey takes about 11 to 16 hours. If you decide to travel by car from Helsinki to Levi, you’ll be able to cover the 1000 odd kilometers in around 12 hours.

Things to do in Levi, Finland

Skiing: Levi not only has the biggest skiing resort in Finland but also in all of Northern Europe. Its 44 ski runs are serviced by 28 lifts. In addition, it has 230 kilometers of well-maintained skiing tracks and 886 kilometers of snowmobile routes.

Northern Lights: Your trip to Levi won’t be complete if you miss out the spectacle in the sky, known as aurora borealis or the Northern Lights. This incredible Mother Nature’s laser show is as beautiful as it’s unpredictable. Levi offers the most ideal conditions to view the Levi Finland Northern Lights.

Levi Iglut igloos: One of the main attractions in this region is the Levi Finland igloos, known as Golden Crown igloos, located in the picturesque fell slope. They provide a panoramic view of the vast Lapland, as well as the northern sky. You can also stay in one of the unique Levi Finland hotels, the Luvattumaa Ice Hotel, located seven kilometers outside Levi. It is carved entirely out of ice and is open during the festive season.

Safaris: Safaris aren’t only prevalent in Africa, but in the Lapland too. You have a choice of enjoying reindeer safari, husky safari, horse safari, and even snowmobile and car safaris.



So, if you’re planning a trip to Finland, visit Levi, not only for skiing, sightseeing, and adventure it offers but also for capturing the unspoiled beauty of the region in your Levi Finland web camera.

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