You Need To Be Sharp-Eyed To Penetrate The Camouflage Of This Ninja Cat To Spot Her In Photos

If you own a cat, you would know that these creatures can do crazy things and unexpectedly disappear at times. New York-based writer and comedian Grace Spelman’s cat, Pierogi, goes a step further and hides in plain view. It certainly brings Grace to her wits end in trying to spot her furry friend.  

Pierogi discovered her new hideouts when Grace shifted to her in a new apartment. The cat explored all the nooks and crannies of this apartment and found places she could occupy without being detected by Grace. Each day, this wily cat tested a new location to hide. Grace was stunned to discover her cat’s ability to merge into the background and disappear.

This prompted her to post the photos of Pierogi on Twitter, with her hiding from view. As a challenge, Grace began to goad her followers to spot the cat in these photos. This caught the fancy of her followers. Ever since she has been posting several new editions of ‘Where’s Pierogi’ per week. 

This challenge has become immensely popular among her followers that it has prompted much more to join the search. What makes this whole thing so interesting is Pierogi’s natural ability to camouflage herself among the household items, making people go crazy trying to spot her.

For Pierogi, her white fur is a great advantage, since it blends with the white walls, light coloured clothes and other household items. This makes spotting her a big challenge. It is certainly a victory of sorts to locate this furry buddy hiding in different locations in the photos. One needs a real eye for detail to scan each and every inch of the photo to spot Pierogi.

This feat of Pierogi has given her the sobriquet of ‘ninja’, who jump impossible distances and land feet-first and also disappear from sight in an instant.

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