This Man Thrills People In LA By Showing Them Moon In All Its Glory Through His Giant Telescope

At times you do yearn to have a closer look at the celestial objects that you had been reading about or hearing in the news. Well, your dream of viewing one of them can be realized if you happen to be in Los Angles.

Meet Wylie Overstreet, a resident of LA, who was getting thoroughly bored in his apartment. So, he decided to take his giant 12-inch collapsible Dobsonian reflector telescope around city streets to let strangers get a magnificent and detailed view of the moon.

What Overstreet did was to simply place his telescope on various places in the city, focus on the moon and get the passer-by curious. Whoever enquired about his strange looking device, he let him or they can have a peek through the telescope’s eyepiece to view the moon.

The moon appears so huge through his telescope that one could almost reach out and touch it.This incredible closeup elicited a universal response from the viewers and that was, “Oh My God!”.

People from all walks of life throng Overstreet’s telescope to look at the moon up close. Little wonder he calls this phenomenon a great unifying force. According to him, this also encourages all to look up to the sky more often. 

Via: Twistedswifter

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