Russian Bead Artist Creates Beautiful Handmade Gifts

It is really a wonder how a phrase can change the course of one’s career. The phrase that inspired the Russian bead artist, Lena, was: ‘If there is at least one person who likes what you are doing (even if this person is you yourself), continue to do it. No need to adjust to the world around you’.

From her job in insurance, which she held for 13 long years, this artist from Volgograd, Russia, changed tracks and let her creativity come to the fore. She jumped right into creating handmade gifts using beads, sequins, pearls, and Swarovski crystals. And to think that she had graduated from the classical university in Volgograd and earned a professional diploma of economist!

It was Lena’s desire to do more than made her quit her job. She shared with via email, “I understood that I was going to work as hard labor and that work, that did not bring satisfaction and development of your personality, simply could not be present in your life. After all, it takes up most of it.”

Lena had realized her inherent artistic talent as a child but never thought she would take it up as a career. She has had no formal training but learned accessory designing from other jewelry designers on the internet. Her handmade gift ideas are something to behold. Her full range can be seen on her Instagram page and can be bought on her Etsy shop, NicejewelleryByLMay.

Lena’s motto in life: ‘Don’t be afraid of your dreams. You just have to embody them’.


Instagram | Etsy Store

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