An Advertisement Campaign With The ‘Invisible Man’ – Bolin Takes Body Painting To The Next Level

When the book ‘The Invisible Man’, authored by HG Wells, hit the stands, it certainly gave flight to one’s imagination and the possibilities that such a situation presented. Alas! It was only a story…up till now.

Of course, humans have not yet managed to turn themselves invisible, but a Chinese artist, Lui Bolin, has come quite close to it, of course, with a little help from his photographer friend, Annie Leibovitz. The reason for this teaming up was for an advertising campaign for the luxury apparel brand Moncler.

Bolin is an expert in body paint illusions and displays top notch creativity. when he dons the snowsuit, put together by Moncler, there is no difference between what he is wearing and the background landscape. He merges completely with the landscape, thereby turning ‘invisible’.

Image Via: Moncler

This surrealistic setting is then captured by Leibovitz’s incredible photographic eye in such enchanting way that it has caught the imagination of the world. Moncler has taken the services of this creative twosome for its Spring/Summer 2017 and Fall/Winter 2017 collections.

Image Via: Moncler

The diverse ways in which this duo presents these collections is simply mind-boggling. There is one in which Bolin is standing merged with stacks of books in the background, just as a chameleon would do!

Image Via: Moncler

Then there is one in a forested area that shows Bolin so well camouflaged that he could easily challenge an army soldier’s camouflaging ability. His glacier snap is even more awesome, making him look like a real live Yeti or the abominable snowman, white fur and all!

Image Via: Moncler

What adds to the charm of these visuals is the perfect match of his body painting with the landscape around. This makes these images more of a visual puzzle than advertisements. This master of disguise certainly needs his place in the sun. And he gets it since social media is just going crazy over it!

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