Remember The Starving Kid In Nigeria, He Just Had His First Day At School

If you don’t believe in miracles, start believing in them now! It is the story of a young little boy of Nigeria, who should have died of the starvation way back in 2016, had it not been the initiative of Anja Ringgren Lovén, a Danish aid worker.


She was part of a Nigerian rescue mission team who were tasked to rescue abandoned children accused of being witches. She found this two-year- old boy thirsty, starving and on the streets. This boy was in such precarious health that each bone in his body was visible due to lack of food. He was thrown out on the streets of Nigeria to die, as he had been declared a witch, along with his parents.


But destiny had other plans for him. Anja found this homeless, naked and starving boy, who had been on the streets for months, and gave him a sip of water. She saved him and named him Hope. When she flashed the picture of this destitute and cursed boy on the social media, it instantly became viral. Who can forget the heart-rending and most pitiable photo of this child? It had an instant reaction in the form of thousands of dollars in donation from the shocked people around the world.

Hope was hospitalized with a critical case of malnutrition with worms in his stomach. Over time, he was nursed backed to health with medicines and good loving care.

In only eight months, this frail and weak kid had regained his health, so much so, that it became difficult to recognize him. It is certainly to the credit of Anja that Hope is not only alive and taken good care of, but was also able to attend the first day of school.

If this is not a miracle, what is!

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