Girl Raised by Monkeys Rescued in Uttar Pradesh, India

Move over Mowgli, the real-life Mowgli Girl is here! Strangely reminiscent of the fictional character Mowgli, this 8-year- old girl, who was seen with a group of monkeys in Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh, has become a subject of intrigue.

The girl was spotted amid the monkeys by a police party on a routine patrol in the Motipur range of Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, bordering Nepal. She seemed quite comfortable in the company of the monkeys.

Thinking that the monkeys have abducted the girl, the police party tried to rescue it. However, to their surprise and shock, both the girl and the monkeys screeched in defiance and attacked them. Somehow, the police party managed to get hold of the girl.

Previously also, she was seen on a number of occasions by woodcutters, who were unsuccessful in freeing her from the monkeys. Every time they tried, the monkeys attacked and chased away by them. The police eventually freed her from the monkeys and admitted her to the district hospital. What the doctors found was totally baffling. The girl could neither speak nor understand any language.

In fact, she was scared of humans and didn’t behave like them. She also often got violent. It seemed that the girl had stayed with the animals for quite some time. She scarcely used her hands to eat, but ate directly from her mouth, much like a monkey. She walked on all fours like animals.

In the hospital, she was taught how to eat with hands and drink water from a glass. She was also taught to walk on her legs, without using her arms and hands. However, despite efforts, she is still unable to speak but has started understanding whatever is communicated to her. She even smiles.

Who is she? Where did she come from? How did she land up with the monkeys in the wild and still remained unharmed? These are a few mysteries that are yet to be solved.

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Update: It Turns Out That ‘Mowgli Girl’ Wasn’t Raised By Monkeys, She Was Abandoned By Parents For Being Mentally Ill

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