Amazing Human Miniatures By This Customizing Designer Takes Social Media By Storm

These faces would probably launch a thousand ships! Meet Kaki, a customizing designer from South Korea, who has come up with the innovative idea of producing miniature human figurines, complete with their wardrobe. However, it is the faces that really bowl you over.

Kaki has an uncanny knack of creating statuettes in the image of leading celebrities that include movie characters and others. These figurines, especially their faces, are so realistic that you are literally left speechless.

Such is Kaki’s eye for detail that he misses out nothing in recreating the characters from famous movies. And it is not only their realistic faces, but their bodies donned in clothes and accoutrements too that sets them apart. The sum total is figurines that are incredibly perfect and lifelike.

You will find the likes of superheroes from their hit movies, such as Thor from ‘The Dark World’, Black Widow of ‘The Avengers’ fame, full ‘Avengers’ team of Thor, Black Widow, Captain America and Ironman, and many more.

Of the Hollywood celebrities, some of the best Kaki’s creations include Brad Pitt, Leonardo di Caprio from his movie ‘The Revenant’, Joker from Batman’s ‘Dark Knight’, Jeremey Renner from ‘Civil War’ and even Mr Bean.

Kaki has even created his own miniature complete with his everyday clothes along with spectacles, belt, shoes and watch! In fact, you get to see him only through his miniature to know how he looks.

Little wonder he has almost 10,000 followers on Instagram and is widely reported on other websites.



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