This Amazing Fruit And Vegetable Carver Takes His Unique Art To The Next Level

It seems when Daniele Barresi was a kid, her mother never stopped him from playing with his food! This is probably how he managed to hone his art of carving the eatables – fruits, vegetables, cheeses, soaps and the lot  –  to perfection.

Jokes apart, this incredible carver is a treat to watch when he is in action. There is magic in his hands that Barresi himself admits by saying, “When I touch my knife, my mind gives up to the heart and transmits directly to the hands, giving different forms to the decorations. It’s like magic.”

Barresi, originally from Italy and now residing in Sydney, Australia, has been acknowledged as one of the greatest carving specialists. He spent the better part of his life as a youngster in a beautiful town in Italy. His inspiration was his surroundings in that local town that fueled his imagination for pursuing carving as an art.

Once introduced to the art of carving, Barresi became passionate about it. He refined his skills and techniques and was soon creating some of the most extraordinary designs. His popularity grew as people started noticing his art.

How does Barresi visualize what he is going to create? According to him, “When I create a new sculpture I always try to convey passion and offer love and smile, because for me every incision is a form of freedom, is a form of art.”

Barresi markets his unique form of art commercially too. Since carved decorations can be used for every type of event, his creations find a pride of place in marriages and in other celebrations. Needless to say, his artistically carved fruits and vegetables brings elegance to the buffet and makes it most eye-catching.  

However, according to Barresi, “…my works are not created solely for the purpose of making a profit but to bring out new passions, opinions, in such a way that the art that has engulfed me, overwhelm more and more people.”

It is no surprise that Barresi enjoys over 81,000 followers on Facebook and over 78,000 followers on Instagram. Not only this, his works have won several awards, such as Gold Medal Nationa (Italian style); Gold Medal World (Igeho-Salon Culinaire Mondial 2013, Basel); and Gold Medal World (Expogast, Luxembourg 2014.

With such encouragement and recognition, the day is not far when Barresi realizes his fondest dream and that is to have his own television show that offers his unique creations to his discerning fans and the audience at large.

Image Via: Daniele Barresi

Image Via: Daniele Barresi

Image Via: Daniele Barresi

Image Via: Daniele Barresi

Image Via: Daniele Barresi

Image Via: Daniele Barresi

Image Via: Daniele Barresi

Image Via: Daniele Barresi

Image Via: Daniele Barresi

Image Via: Daniele Barresi

Daniele Barresi

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