Plastic Technologist cum Scuba Diver Fabricates Excellent Acrylic Aquariums

“There is more to the underwater world than the common goldfish”, states Florian Schuran, the founder and owner of New Wave Concepts, on his website. And how right he is! Most people have not had a chance to explore and see the underwater flora and fauna of the sea or the river. He endeavors to display these in his unique acrylic aquariums that his company designs and constructs.

This passionate aquarist and scuba diver hit upon the idea of establishing New Wave Concepts to introduce the underwater world to all through his innovative concepts and aquarium designs. His company is fully into aquarium construction and designing and creating stunning underwater worlds and other water features. It also offers aquarium construction services internationally.

Schuran is an enthusiast for custom aquarium concepts and a qualified process mechanic for plastic technology that has enabled him to produce one-of-its-kind New Wave Concepts aquariums made out of acrylic. His eye for detail and years of experience in creating customized aquarium designs are to be seen to be believed.

Schuran provides highly sophisticated technical solutions to aquariums and focuses on its high-class aesthetic design. The result is always fabulous. Today, his company employs specialists – architects, biologists, and structural engineers – who not only provide the best possible construction solutions but also delve into life support equipment, aquascaping, and livestock. The company also operates an online one-stop-shop that offers aquarium supplies, cleaning products, and merchandise.

It is not only the New Wave ideas with which the company creates customized aquariums; it also produces components made of thermoplastic materials. For example, during the height of the pandemic crisis, the company temporarily halted aquarium production and took on spit and virus protection shields to be used in hospitals, business enterprises, and food outlets.

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