Miniature Artist Infuses Feelings and Emotions in Miniature Art

There are plenty of exceptional miniature artists, but what makes the miniature art of Roys’ People, a pseudonym that Roy Tyson uses for himself, stand out, he explains on, “I always like the surprise that it (the miniature art) gives people when they see them. It’s rather the message and dialogue going on in the scene, being easy enough for someone to understand.”

And Tyson is so right! His witty and intriguing imagery is a delight for the eyes. He uses customized miniature figures, to create a world, where these figures go about their daily life beneath our feet. What really strikes one is the reflection his art has on our surroundings, feelings, and emotions. With his vast range of ideas, he can literally create any miniature scene in any kind of situation or surrounding for us to enjoy.

Beginning in 2012, Tyson has been photographing his miniature world on the streets of London, UK, to capture them permanently. He had turned his personal hobby into a full-time activity. About his art, he has this to say on, “I specialize in creating unique images and installations using miniature figures. Often, I use everyday props and taxidermy to create a humorous scene designed to be fun and intriguing. All of the miniature figures are hand-painted to give them personality and charm.”

So, where does the inspiration for his ideas come from? According to Tyson, it comes in many different ways and even randomly, especially when he is traveling. It is his observant nature that allows him to take in what he sees around him. He is now graduating into installations, comprising wall-hanging artworks that include original figures.

Tyson does corporate commissions for brands, such as Apple, Byron Burger, Ted Baker, The Royal Mint, and Zizzi, to name a few. He has over 50,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Roy’s People

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