Pixel Artist is ‘The World’s Okayest Dad that Pixels

He is a pixel artist, who identifies himself as penusbmic and describes himself as ‘The World’s Okayest Dad that Pixels’ on Instagram! This artist/ animator of Dome Keeper, a video game, continues to wow his viewers with pixelated art.

Penusbmic has been involved in pixel art for quite some time now. He has created some of the most endearing characters in pixels that have delighted his fans and followers. For instance, his Samurai series, The Tiny Alchemist features Water Spells and ‘Fire Spells, and much more.

Penusbmic is currently working on a pixel art game asset series called ‘The DARK Series’, which is available on assetstore.unity.com. He aims to release two-monthly packs of this series and a one-monthly video tutorial. He has set his goal to discuss and continue to build the DARK series. In addition, he has also offered instant access to five ‘Always Available Packs’ and new expansion packs, as he releases them.

How to create waving flags, hair, and other fabrics?

The great thing about Penusbmic is that he believes in sharing his art with his audience. And he has numerous tutorials posted on social media, such as Discord, Twitch, Patreon, Itch.io, and Inprint, to name a few. His popular tutorials include ‘Build a bot’ and the cape animation trick, in which he teaches how to create waving flags, hair, and other fabrics.

What’s more, you can become a member of his tutorials, games asset, and games asset plus on a monthly or annual basis with a nominal fee on patreon.com/penusbmic. Here you have access to all his tutorials and standalone future expansion packs. These include the Sci-Fi series, the Dungeon series, and Random Things, among others.

Penusbmic enjoys a vast following on social media platforms. On Instagram alone, he has a following of over 70,000 fans. His future goals are to create a digital pixel art comic series and release monthly standalone packs.

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