Artist Folds Cans Into Impossible Shapes

What do you do with an empty can after you’ve finished your diet soda? Throw it out like trash? That’s what most of us do. But not Noah Deledda, he doesn’t throw such aluminum cans but collects them. This is because this artist makes incredible sculptures out of them!

A cursory look at Deledda’s works will show what marvelous masterpieces he creates out of ordinary aluminum cans. If you’re wondering what tools he uses for this, it’s just his thumbs! He uses them to create dents and creases on the can’s surface to produce amazing 3D designs. His sculptures are so flawless they seem machine made. And he boasts of a wonderful range of designs…one as stunning as the other.

What motivates Deledda, he shares on, thus, “Through sculpture, I try to create something unique out of an ordinary object.” But the process is not as easy as it looks. In the first step, he needs to repeatedly scratch the surface of the can to remove the branding until it’s completely removed. He then refines the scratching process to get a mirror finish. Now his hands come into play for denting, creasing, and crushing the can into the desired sculpture.

Designing by hands is not easy and Deledda took years to develop his own technique. After years of trial and error, he gained enough practice and experience to create sculptures out of ordinary cans. For him, the presentation is as important as creation. So, he frames his works in glass boxes and publicizes the photos and videos of his glittering masterpieces.

This American sculpture was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, but grew up in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area of Florida, USA. While growing up he showed a keen interest in art, but couldn’t get a formal art education. Despite this, he turned into a graffiti artist and a graphic design artist. So, it isn’t surprising he possesses mastery over several disciplines, such as graphic design, oil painting, graffiti, sculpture, product design, screen printing, fashion, and multimedia.

Deledda presents the full range of his works on his website, where they can be bought too. He also has a sizeable following on the internet.

Noah Deledda

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