Craziest Nail Art In The World By Tony Ly

When Tony Ly’s mother, a nail technician in Washington DC, USA, asked him to quit computer designing and join hands doing nails to increase their earnings, he found it really weird. But when he took this up, he never returned to computer designing. Although he still resents not able to pursue his first love, he’s happy to have made a mark in this chosen field and how!

It was in 2015 when Ly posted a video of his aquarium nails, which depicted actual nails designed as miniature aquariums, filled with liquid and sequins. The video went viral and was shared by a Vietnamese talk show on its Facebook page. This nail design was also showcased on the ‘Today’ show and BuzzFeed. It made him a star overnight.

Ly worked as a nail artist in Washington DC, where his family lives, for 11 years, but decided to relocate to Wichita Falls, Texas, US, to establish his nail salon – Designed by Tony Ly. However, establishing his own business wasn’t all that easy. He started out by doing hair and had to even work in other people’s salons before opening his own.

Despite his nail salon being located in a small town, he continues to receive a steady stream of clients from the Dallas area, Oklahoma City, and even England! According to him, social media has made it easier to connect with people all around the globe. Almost 3,000 to 5,000 viewers follow his work daily on social media.

All this fame that Ly has earned is not without basis. Just sample his nail art – nails with gears that can be turned, nails with fidget spinners that can be spun, ladybug nail design with opening and closing wings, and much else. His other popular ones are the stiletto nails, glittery nails, mermaid nails, and many others. It’s not surprising to see him spending hours doing specialty nails.


Ly attends nail shows, such as the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas and Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event in Florida, to teach. He enjoys a following of a whopping one million fans on Instagram alone. So, if you want a ladybug design to adorn your nails, be ready to shell out $350!

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