The Amazing Shimmering Tunnel Of Lights Mimics Japan’s Seasonal Foliage

If someone blindfolds you and takes you into this tunnel and removes your blindfold, you would either think you are dreaming or seeing things in virtual reality! Yes, such is the effect of this dazzling botanical garden that goes by the name of Nabana no Sato in Japan’s island of Nagashima in Kuwana. You’ll be treated to such amazing sights as a sunrise at Mt. Fuji, the mesmerizing aurora borealis and much more.

However, the shimmering lights you see shining all around does convey that it’s not your regular botanical garden. You guessed it, it’s a botanically inspired glittering garden that employs millions of LED lights – 7 million, to be precise – to bring it to life.

The garden, opened this week, consists of two large illuminated walk-through tunnels that display trails of light illuminating the landscape portraying Japan’s spectacular seasonal changes. Each tunnel is strewn with LED lights meticulously designed to depict seasonal foliage, making them one of the most captivating installations.

The 328-foot (100-meter) Kawazu Sakura light tunnel displays unbelievably realistic pink bulbs that mimic blossoming cherry blossoms. The other tunnel is even longer – 656 feet (200 meters) – and displays 1.2 million flower-shaped LED bulbs. Little wonder the effects of this surrealistic lighting leave the visitors awestruck.

The garden hosts the Winter Illumination event from mid-October to early May and people throng to see it from all over the country. The light tunnels remain the highlight of this event. To make it even more interesting, the garden chooses a new theme every year. This year, the garden showcases the beauty of Kumamoto, a prefecture in Southern Japan, that was rocked by an earthquake in April 2016.

The delightful Nabana no Sato garden illumination is already regarded as the ‘best light show in the country’. It not only helps brighten the gloomy winters in Japan but light up the lives of visitors too!

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