Needle Felting Expert Creates Puppies From Wool That Look So Real

Pups and dogs make a good subject for painters that we continue to marvel at them on canvas. But, here’s an amazing artist who creates three-dimensional figurines of dogs and pups out of wool and different materials. The end result is always fascinatingly real.

Image Via: Meagan Alessio

Meet Meagan Alessio, an artist based in Canada, who is an expert in needle felting using different materials. However, her favourite material is natural sheep wool that she can lay any which way to infuse life into her creations. Little wonder her wool sculpting is so perfect as to make these puppies seem real, so much so, that you expect them to start wagging their tails any moment!

Image Via: Meagan Alessio

Alessio is a meticulous worker and takes great pleasure in creating her sculptures out of wool. Her eye for detail requires around four to seven hours of back-breaking work to create just one piece of dog art. And if accessories are included, it goes up to nine hours!

Image Via: Meagan Alessio

One of her creations is not a pup but a pig. She loving calls it ‘our porky friend’. This pig figurine was needle felted from the Falkland top wool that she dyed with avocado peels and pits. This resulted in the most perfect ‘blushy’ pink and it’s a joy to see how the different fibres take the avocado and transform it into varying shades.

Image Via: Meagan Alessio

People following her on Instagram and Facebook wait with bated breath what she’s going to create next with her needle felting.

Meagan Alessio


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