Artificial intelligence creates 8 bizarre cameras inspired by superheroes and pop culture

Mathieu Stern is a photographer, inventor, and artist who specializes in developing new cameras based on simple ideas. His series of photographs has become a modern pop-culture phenomenon, with his bizarre creations making headlines around the world.

One of his most popular works of Mathieu Stern is called “The Cameraman,” which was inspired by a quote from George Lucas: “If you have seen one camera, you have seen them all.” The idea behind it was to create a new kind of camera that could capture images just like those in Star Wars: The Force Awakens—a near photo-realistic camera that could look like anything. Stern created it by taking inspiration from the way cameras work today.

Stern’s newest project is called DALL-E 2 and features an artificial intelligence system that accepts short natural language text prompts and generates near photo-realistic images (often with uncanny results). It’s been running for several months now, with an official version released earlier this year.

The AI system has been used before.

It’s a type of software that is trained on large amounts of images and then uses a machine-learning algorithm to create new images. It’s been used by artists, photographers, and even police departments to produce accurate images of crime scenes.

You can request access to the AI system here. It’s not free (you have to pay for the training data), but it’s not too expensive either. You can also use it yourself if you want to train your own program.

The system creates very realistic images. The photographer used the system to create his own cameras — this is what led him to write about it in his blog post about creating cameras with AI software.

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