Father’s Wushu Skills Make Him an Internet Sensation

Daughter Showcases Father’s Wushu Skills to Make Him an Internet Sensation

When people reach 60, they start to think about retirement. Not this 60-year-old martial artist who continues to thrill his viewers with his dramatic martial art moves even at this age. He is Chang Xing Liang, a master of Wushu from China. His martial skill would have remained unseen to the world had it not been for his daughter Zara Liang, who posted his moves on TikTok and other social media platforms.

Wushu is the romanticized version of martial arts that had been practiced in China for centuries. It is popularly known as Kung Fu in the West. It has been famously practiced by martial arts icons, such as Jet Li and Donnie Yen. Today, Wushu has become part of many global sporting events and has become popular even among non-Chinese martial artists.

Chang Xing Liang Wushu

What Liang does, takes years of training and practice. And the heights he has achieved in this form of martial art are to be seen to be believed. It comes as no surprise that he was the national Wushu champion from 1979-86 and captained the Beijing Wushu team from 1981-to 85. Of course, he no longer competes now, but showcases his skills on TikTok and Instagram via videos that instantly go viral!

Liang has a flair for drama. He delights his viewers by incorporating Wushu techniques into everyday tasks, such as using everything from a broomstick to a garden hose, as part of his routine. In one video, he uses a sword to slice a lemon to spritz into his water and in another he becomes a human sprinkler, thereby showing off his penchant for the dramatic!

In one video that went viral in China, he is seen participating in a social media challenge that saw martial artists create their own short videos displaying their fighting skills. In his cleverly edited video, he does something different. He is shown sparring with himself!

Liang’s entertaining videos have not only wowed the audience worldwide but also made his Wushu style global. Little wonder he enjoys a viewership of over 590,000 followers on Instagram alone. On Tiktok he has amassed over a million followers.

Chang Xing LIANG 梁长兴

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