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Russian Artist Makes Waves With Her Beaded Insect Jewelry

No, it does not involve creating pieces of jewelry from any dried-up insects or other creepy crawlies, adorned with beads. So, you can put your fear of insects to rest. The jewelry created by Julia Frolova, a gifted Russian artist, is hundred percent artificial but appears an amazing replica of the original insects, only more glittery and colorful.

Beaded jewelry is Frolova’s specialty and her inspiration was insects of all shapes and sizes, from the beautiful butterflies to the unsightly bugs. Hailing from Chelyabinsk, Russia, she was literally bitten by the beaded insect jewelry bug! She chose to create something really unique.

For her insect jewelry, Frolova uses the best materials that include Japanese beads, gemstones, pearls and Swarovski crystals. She then applies her creative mind to arranging these glittering pieces into shapes of insects and breathe life into them. It is not only the beads arranged in the shape of the insect that gives an original tilt to her creation but also the use of fur or hair that exactly mimics the hairy body of the insect. 

Frolova is upbeat about her craft and says, “I truly believe that each girl can and must have jewelry with the original design, something that won’t be repeated by someone else.”

Her exquisite creations are for all to see. The colourful and shiny beetle, dragonfly and butterfly brooches seem like collectors’ items.

Little wonder her beaded insect creations are making waves on the internet.

More Info: Julia Frolova

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