Embroidery Artist Creates Lifelike Landscapes That Look Like Real Sceneries

The level of skill with which Tatyana weaves the colorful threads to create her incredible embroidered landscapes and other objects is simply mind-blowing. And it’s not only the choice of colorful threads that makes her works so amazing but also the play of light and shadow in some of her works.

The surprising part is this embroider, who lives in Moscow, Russia has only recently taken up this art. Tatyana acquired her embroidery skills all by herself since she was passionate about embroidery since childhood. As a youngster, she started off with cross-stitching and later graduated to embroidery proper.

Although Tatyana gets her inspiration from nature, books, TV shows, and photos, what she creates comes straight from her heart. She produces what she feels at the moment. It’s not surprising that one can touch and feel her landscapes, run fingers on the velvety sky, and stroke the sea or the green grass.

Tatyana is meticulous about her work. Before she starts embroidering, she first does the draft of the planned landscape on the tissue followed by embroidery. Her artistic mind and a keen eye tell her what colors to use in that particular work.

In an interview on ballpitmag.com, on being asked what she hoped to achieve with her art, she says, “I’d like to inspire people by my embroideries and brighten up their mood daily.” Knowing that her work makes somebody’s life a little bit easier infuses her with an indescribable feeling that she cannot put in words.

Today, Tatyana runs a successful etsy.com shop, where she offers her works for sale. Her future planning is to diversify her shop and seek ways to make her embroideries more colorful. Later on, she also plans to teach embroidery of beautiful landscapes to learners and professionals alike.

Tatyana would’ve been a dancer, had she not taken up embroidery, since she claims to be a good dancer. Thankfully, she continued with this art and has taken it to the next level.

On her Instagram Journey, Tatyana told AwesomeByte “it began spontaneously, I just wanted to share my embroideries”. She is gaining popularity on the internet and on Instagram alone, she enjoys a following of over 23,000 fans.

Tatyana: Instagram | Etsy Store

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