Dog With 12-Inch Snout Is Aiming For The World Record

A dog with an incredible 12.2-inch snout is certainly odd, but naming it Eris, the Greek Goddess of strife and discord, and calling it ‘Madam Eris Overbite, Queen of Snoots’ is certainly an overkill!

Eris belongs to the borzoi dog breed, known for its long nose. But a snoot measuring exactly 12.2 inches certainly makes Eris’ the longest nose in the world. Minus the nose, Eris measures three feet and nine inches.

Lily Kambourian, a jewelry store owner from Richmond in Virginia, USA, and her partner Savannah, adopted Eris two years back. How she got Eris, Lily tells, “Eris was born to a litter of three in Keysville, Virginia. When we went to visit the puppies, it was apparent they might have an overbite. This would rule them out for any dog that shows us it’s a genetic defect. But that didn’t bother us. She came right up to us and sat on my partner’s lap.”

Although it was love at first sight for both Lily and Savannah, they were warned that Eris may suffer dental issues while growing up, such as teeth poking into the gums that may lead to the removal of canines. But, luckily, nothing of the sort happened and there were also no issues from her long nose.

The only problem Lily and Savannah faced was while walking Eris past the onlookers. They always interrupted their walks to know the breed of the dog. They both soon found a way to avoid this by finding less trodden paths through the neighborhood!

Whether Eris’ schnoz is the longest in the world or not is yet unconfirmed, however, she’s still got plenty of time to achieve this record, since borzoi breed lives up to 15 years. She has become part of the Instagram dog community and enjoys a following of over 181,000 fans.

Eris The Borzoi


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