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Mandalas And Zentangles In Alluring Rainbow Colours Win Hearts And Minds On The Social Media

If you ever happen to visit the social media account of Meli on Instagram, who goes by the name of lady_meli_art, you’re sure to get flooded with a profusion of rainbow colors in intricate designs.

Witnessing Meli’s designs may, for a moment, make you feel you’re visiting an LGBTQ website, what with the rainbow colors. But, far from it, her rainbow colors are only meant to brighten her designs and promote her unique art.

And this gifted mother of one daughter from Indonesia has such eye for detail that her creations appear as soulful designs that are immensely pleasing to the eye. And she specializes in drawing mandalas and zentangles.

For the uninitiated, a mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol that represents the universe. It’s commonly used by the Hindus and Buddhists. Although originating there, today it has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos. However, Meli certainly doesn’t get into the nitty-gritty of mandala formation but creates it from her heart. Her aim is to make it look colorful and appealing.

A zentangle, on the other hand, is another form of art. And it’s not doodling. Whereas doodling is drawing done without full attention, where all a person does is to scribble unmindfully, while is some deep thought, creating a zentangle requires focused attention and is made within fixed formats. Meli, however, doesn’t use any formulaic composition or prescribed methods in drawing zentangles. Her creations are simply the outpourings of her feelings and emotions that are expressed by her hand on paper.

According to Meli, her passion is drawing and she has been at it since a tender age of four! She gets her inspiration from the works of other artists and some good art that she sees around.

For Meli, this art form is not only relaxing, but it also keeps her brain active so that creative juices continue to flow. This is the reason why she makes it a point to put pen to paper to draw every day, so much so that, according to her, she has now become addicted to drawing.

If you are wondering who taught Meli this wonderful art, it may come as a surprise that she is a self-taught artist. To find her being followed by over 56,000 followers on Instagram alone is a testimony to her artistic gift and creativity.

Image Via: lady_meli_art

Image Via: lady_meli_art

Image Via: lady_meli_art

Image Via: lady_meli_art

Image Via: lady_meli_art

Image Via: lady_meli_art

Image Via: lady_meli_art

Image Via: lady_meli_art

Image Via: lady_meli_art

Image Via: lady_meli_art


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