Water Baby Astounds One And All By Her Swimming Feat

If you don’t believe in reincarnation, you should start believing in it now. For what else can explain the feat of this amazing one-year-old who have taken to water like a young duckling.

It all happened when Grace Fanelli, a resident of Florida, USA, wanted to instil some confidence and remove the fear of water in her one-year-old daughter, exactly what she did with her elder daughter, now three, who started swimming at the age of nine months!

It is not that Grace threw her daughters into the pool and they started swimming. She actually contacted Brigitte Strickland, a swimming instructor who specializes in infant and child survival swim. According to Grace, she’s the best in the business of teaching infants how to swim. She taught both her daughters when they were nine months old.

For Grace, lovingly called the mermaid mama, her two daughters are her real-life mermaids, especially her little daughter. And rightly so, the way the little one demonstrates her swimming skills, striking out with her tiny arms and legs, turning this way and that without an iota of fear, makes one believe that she must’ve been an accomplished swimmer in her previous birth! She seems to revel in water, much like an amphibious being.  

Grace’s motivation for doing so were the risk of infant death due to drowning. Drowning is the number one cause of injury-related deaths in infants and those under the age of five. Says advises, “Please teach your kids how to swim so they can save themselves until help arrives.” Of course, she keeps an eagle’s eye on her kids when they are in the water despite the presence of the instructor.

Her daughters’ feat would have remained under wraps had not Grace shared a video of her two fearless kids splashing around in the pool, showing their swimming skills. What’s more, this footage was filmed when her youngest daughter was just 12 months old and the elder one was three.

It is evident that the future holds much for these water babies. Who knows, they may grow up to emulate the Williams sisters of tennis and become the country’s swimming champs!

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