English Artist Creates Amazing Kinetic Art and Sculptures Out of Paper

English Artist Creates Amazing Kinetic Art and Sculptures Out of Paper

It is really a wonder that paper, which was basically invented for writing, can be used in so many different ways, such as in origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, decoupage, papier-mâché, paper cutting, sculpting, and many others. Lucy Jean Green, an English freelance artist, specializes in using paper in kinetic art and paper sculpture.

A visit to Green’s website reveals her stunning kinetic paper art in frames and her endearing paper sculptures under glass bell jars. Her art is inspired by nature and mythology. She explains on artand.co.uk, “Inspired by mythology and fact surrounding birds, I create sculptures and delicate automata by hand-cutting paper and handcrafting brass mechanisms. Each sculpture is unique and every commission is bespoke. All of my wall-mounted pieces are displayed inside handcrafted wooden box frames, with the hand-stained finish.”

This description is itself indicative of what pains Green takes in creating her art. Her process for paper sculpture is simple. At first, she ideates which creature she is going to create and whether it will have any moving pieces. Next, she begins experimenting with different mechanisms. According to her, this stage takes up the longest time, since she has to do everything manually.

After this stage, she gets down to meticulously creating her piece by hand, delicately placing parts in their appropriate places. She places her birds one layer at a time inside a handcrafted box or a glass bell jar. Each of her creations is one of a kind and so incredibly crafted that it becomes a collectors’ item.

Working out from her small studio in Mytholmroyd in West Yorkshire, England, Green is completely at ease creating both small and largescale artworks. Her cute paper sculptures and amazing kinetic art is designed to brighten up any space. However, creating this art is not the only thing she does, she also works part-time as a prop maker, as she has gained experience working on sets and in art departments.

Green displays her full range of creations on her website and on her Etsy shop. One can buy her works from these websites or from craft and art fairs around the country that she participates in throughout the year. For details, one can check her events page on her website. It comes as no surprise that she enjoys a viewership of over 84,000 on Instagram alone.

Lucy Jean Green

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