Multi-Talented Russian Artist Performs Mind-Blowing Feats with Rings and Fingers

Multi-Talented Russian Artist Performs Mind-Blowing Feats with Rings and Fingers

The way Danila introduces himself on his website,, is interesting but what he does is something totally mesmerizing. On his website, he introduces himself, thus, “My name is Danila. I’m from a galaxy far far away called Serbia. Now I’m in New York City and New Jersey.” And what this multi-talented artist does is simply mind-blowing.

Danila, who describes himself as a performer, illusionary dance teacher, flow artist, yogi, and fingertutter (finger dancer), has perfected an artform called Ring Jedi, which involves creating beautiful illusions with rings. This he does by manipulating the rings by flicking them with his fingers. The stunning illusions created by rings are so fascinating that they make the audience go wow and want more.

It is not only the rings that Danila is an expert at, he is also a master of hand movement. He discovered the dexterity of his fingers when he was exploring what his hands could do. What he discovered became a new craft and he called it FingerCraft. It is a course/ game that he imparts both in Russia and the US. He claims on his website, “(FingerCraft) will make you realize that your hands are the coolest things ever.”

Born in Tomsk in Russia, Danila is currently based in Hackensack in New Jersey, USA. He works at Black and Yellow Dance School in his city. According to him, “Moving your body to the music brings a ton of joy!” Of course, with his unique talents, there is no dearth of work. He is invited to perform on stages in Manhattan, at birthday parties, at private events, and on many other occasions. Not only this, but he also looks forward to collaborating with other creative people, such as dancers, videographers, jugglers, musicians, and others.

Danila has over a thousand dance and ring videos on the internet that are going viral, and being viewed by millions. His sole aim in creating these videos is to share his art with the whole world. And the viewers are simply lapping them up. On Instagram alone, he has over 124,000 followers.

You will never forget this one (Juggling rings by Ring Jedi)

He doesn’t control the rings, The Rings control him

Danila (The Ring Jedi)

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