Keiko Masumoto: Vessels That Help Us See The World in a New Light

Keiko Masumoto creates vessels for our messy modern world. Handmade in Japan, these are vessels that are not vessels at all—figurative objects that bring the physical and visual beauty of ceramics to a higher level. Her work challenges the status quo by creating dynamic and poetic objects that expand what we consider “vessels” in the first place.

Masumoto created a new way of thinking about vessels. Her pieces are sculptures that have a strong impact on viewers. They make people reconsider what a vessel is. She is an artist that expands the concept of a “vessel” by creating works that are simultaneously vessels and sculptures.

She is not only a designer that has a precocious sense for design but also a creative designer who can make innovative products in terms of the total world view in design and the art of living. Her work at once stimulates the users’ sensibilities and arouses their imagination.

One Of The Most Innovative Artists Revolutionizes The Vessel.

Keiko Masumoto’s ceramics take the shape of a vessel’s silhouette, distorting that form slightly so as to give her works more appeal as…decorations. This is especially apparent when looking at her classically inspired pieces. It all depends on how the viewer sees it, however. To some, they may just be attractive decorations; to others, they are a parody of traditional ceramic works. And so the vessel that is not actually a vessel comes full circle, either by design or coincidence.

Even though you can’t completely understand her work, it’s identifiable. She is able to control the shape of her vessels very well. Keiko Masumoto doesn’t try to explain her art by herself. The power is in her objects themselves and the thoughts that we can have about them are limitless.

While Masumoto’s craft is certainly impressive, it may not be the best choice for everyone. It takes a great deal of skill and experience to even attempt such a technique, let alone achieve such a stunning result. Are you up to the challenge?

Keiko Masumoto

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