Beach Artist Creates Gigantic Works Of Art On Sandy Beaches

To a layperson, beach art usually means building sandcastles or other sculptures on the sand. However, here’s a beach artist called J. Ben, short for Jehan-Benjamin, who uses the large expanse of the beach to create amazingly detailed massive designs and patterns. So big are his pieces they’re even visible from an airplane! His unique beach art has catapulted him to world fame.

Ben had always been passionate about art. And he’s also no stranger to sand art, spending many years doing sand sculptures. Wanting to do something different, he stumbled upon beach art on the internet. Research on the web led him to Andres Amador, who’s believed to be one of the pioneers in this type of art.

Ben started creating gigantic beach art and his passion for drones came in handy. He could get an aerial view of his creations using a drone and could also film and photograph them. His beach art can cover an area of up to 10,000 square feet. However, in an interview with, he clarifies, “For me, beach art isn’t about creating something bigger and bigger, but creating something innovative using new concepts and videos other artists didn’t use yet.”

Ben goes about his creations in a methodical manner. He first sketches what he intends to draw, especially the complex designs, and then transfers that design on the beach sand in the right proportions. Sometimes, when he feels like it, he just goes to the beach and draws freehand. Much depends upon the low tides and the weather.

Ben has been at it for the past two years and has created about 150 works of art. A typical piece takes between one to four hours to complete, dictated by the size of the drawing and the time of the high tide. So passionate is he about beach art that he loves to spend as much time on the beach as possible.

Ben enjoys a following of over 93,000 fans on the internet. He also does beach art on commission for private beaches.

Jben beach Art

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