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Illustrator Has A Different Take On Comic Strips That Is Both Hilarious And Morbid

If you love comics, the ones created by James Lecarpentier will certainly bowl you over. This is because his creations are not your everyday stories and strips that look similar. This illustrator par excellence, who is behind Good Bear Comics, has something unique to offer. His seemingly optimistic works are actually designed to satisfy the darkest souls. You can find all his works at Good Bear Comics.

Lecarpentier has a unique sense of humour that makes his comic strips hilarious and, at the same time, morbid. It’s his unexpected twists and endings that make these strips outrageous and amuse the readers no end. Just sample his take on the inner workings of Santa’s workshop and hilarious doctors’ adventures.

Lecarpentier’s characters are animals from the pop culture that you may be unfamiliar with. Although deceivingly cheerful, these portrayals have a morbid side that does amuse people who like macabre situations.

His works have made him a celebrity of sorts in the Reddit community. Even at Instagram, he has a solid following of 22,000 plus fans. You can also catch up on his works on Facebook and Twitter.

Lecarpentier’s describes himself simply as “I’m a (human) man who enjoys rainy days and puppies. I love air, food, and human companionship.”

If you visit his website, you will come across his appeal:

“Hi! I’m James, the creator of Good Bear Comics and the designs in this shop! All purchases here help support me and the site. If you’re short on cash but like what you see here, feel free to stop by my website and take a look at my other work! Have a great day.”

Image Via: James

Image Via: James

Image Via: James

Image Via: James

Image Via: James

Image Via: James

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James Lecarpentier


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