Hyper Realistic Bubble Art Of Cuban Painter Both Delights And Intrigues

Darian Mederos, a Cuban artist, probably got his inspiration for painting bubble-wrapped paintings from the paintings he must’ve seen bubble wrapped while being transported! Well, jokes apart, this exceptional hyper-realistic artist conveys a deep meaning through such paintings.

An article about Mederos in www.collater.al states, “Darian teaches us to grasp the true essence of things, without them manifesting themselves openly before us.” His visual approximation of the ‘blurred’ images made by plastic bubbles brands his artwork as more intriguing and less obvious.

Mederos was born in Cuba and was passionate about art from the very beginning. He wanted to get enrolled in art school and was fully supported by his mother, who hired an art teacher to help him prepare. It just took two weeks of formal instruction for him to bag a seat in the art school in Havana, Cuba.

Mederos shifted base to Miami, Florida, USA, where he currently resides. He began by portrait painting and soon developed his own style of hyper-realistic art. He adds intrigue and an element of mystery in his works by painting ‘bubble wraps’ over his subjects to obscure their form and features. At times, he may deform the facial features in his artwork, but he never alters the natural shape of the face.

To quote Mederos in www.photographize.co, “I paint primarily expressionless faces; the faces themselves show no emotions. The main expression in my work is in the eyes of my subjects. What’s behind their eyes I cannot say, it’s open to interpretation.”

Mederos not only does bubble wrap art but also uses other mediums. His artwork of a burnished image made out of pennies and coins is considered one of his masterpieces. He has showcased his artworks in many group shows and fair booths. He enjoys a fan following of over 157,000 on Instagram alone.

Darian Mederos

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