Animal Paintings So Realistic They May Start Breathing Anytime!

If you can’t visit a zoo to see exotic wild animals, just view the life-like animal paintings of Carla Grace and you’ll be handsomely compensated. So realistic are her paintings that they’ll leave you completely spellbound. It’s quite evident that this incredible painter, who was born in South Africa and brought up in Zimbabwe and Zambia, has a special affinity for African wildlife.

The beauty of wild animals in Grace’s paintings is for all to see. The ability to understand colors and forms comes naturally to her and her expertise in bringing realism into each and every one of her paintings is a god’s gift. She’s an expert in using acrylic or oil paints on canvas to make her paintings. And she has oodles of patience to paint it in minutest of details. Her range is phenomenal and includes animals, such as lions, elephants, cheetahs, rhinos, tigers, giraffes, and many more. She gets her inspiration from wildlife photographs and she loves to turn them into paintings.

Grace was passionate about art since her younger days. It wasn’t surprising that she earned a diploma in Fine Arts from Whitecliffe College of Art and Design, Auckland, New Zealand. It was when she moved to Australia that her art career began to take shape. She established her brand – Carla Grace Art – and started creating visually powerful paintings. Her focus is always on the eyes of her subject and she strives to infuse emotion in them to give true depth. If she can’t get the eyes right, she starts all over again!

Grace makes efforts to make her paintings as lifelike as possible. What drives her to it, she explains on, “I wanted whatever I drew or painted to be felt as a presence in the room, not just a pretty picture, but something that could draw breath at any given moment. This is why my style took on a realistic and detailed appearance.”

Grace has participated in many solo and group exhibitions around the world. She finds mention in many art magazines. She’s also a recipient of many awards. She also has over 89,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Carla Grace

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