These Soaps In The Form Of Realistic Food And Drinks Can Fool Even The Most Discerning Eye

If you find real-looking, ready-to-eat food resting on a soap dish in a bathroom, don’t eat it! This is because it’s a soap in the form of delectable food. Surprised? This is the handiwork of Julia Popova, who hails from St. Petersburg, Russia. Making realistic food soap is her passion.

And it’s not only food soaps that she creates, but drinks soaps too. So, you’ve soaps in the form of fruits, fish, snacks, doughnuts, chocolates, cookies, and what’ve you. Then there are miniature bottles of the best of liquor that are actually soaps. These include Jack Daniels whiskey, Grant’s whiskey, Jameson whiskey, Absolut Vodka, and, of course, many top Russian liquor brands.

So realistic are her creations, that you can very well end up eating soap! Popova began delving into soap art nine years ago. She started making them for her friends and relatives but thought about sharing her talents on social media. Finding a good response, she started using social networks for selling her soaps.

The credit for Popova’s handmade soap that looks like food goes to her creative mind. It’s one thing to shape her soaps exactly in the shape of edibles or bottles, but quite another to ‘paint’ them with the very same colors, so as to befool everyone into thinking that they’re actual food and drinks. Not only this, but she also infuses her soaps with appropriate fragrances.

There’s a logic to Popova’s creations. According to her, women prefer soap that looks like a cake, while men prefer them more in the form of liquor bottles, fish and snacks. However, her experiment to add food flavorings to her creations came a cropper. She tried adding cheese flavor to her cheese-looking soap, but the result was terrible! Her creations have a sizeable following on the internet.

Julia Popova: Instagram

Via: Boredpanda

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