Professional Doodler Creates Incredible Works Of Art

People who’ve time on their hands, generally waste it in mundane pursuits. But not Sophie Woolfenden. When she picked up a job at a quiet shop with hardly any footfalls, she spent her time quite constructively by following her first love…drawing. This is because as far as she could remember, she’d always loved art. It became her favorite pastime not only during her childhood but also in school.

It wasn’t surprising that Sophie dreamt of making a career out of art and even having her own studio, where she’d be surrounded by everything creative. However, her dream didn’t come to fruition immediately. Once she joined college, her rebellious nature and teenage distractions not only veered her off course but also undermined her belief of taking up art as a career. She started looking for other avenues to make a living.

Graduating from university with a degree in Media and Cultural Studies, Sophie spent several years in several, what she describes, miserable jobs…some of them not even related to her qualifications. This frustrating phase made her lose touch with drawing and painting, and this really made her unhappy. It was at this juncture that she landed a job at a shop visited only by a few customers and rediscovered her of drawing.

What started as doodling to kill time in the shop, soon became Sophie’s passion that gave her immense joy and solace. And soon she started posting her works online. So good were her inklings and illustrations that it soon started getting attention with people asking her to do commissions. This was a godsend opportunity that she caught with both hands.

That Sophie is a self-taught illustrator and artist, who turned a professional doodler, is amazing in itself, taking her art to the next level is even more so. She’s inspired by nature and patterns she encounters in daily lives, such as flowers, leaves, animals and undersea flora and fauna. To her, the symmetry of a leaf or the spiral of a shell is incredibly aesthetic and pleasing. Little wonder she went on to discover the fascinating and intricate art of mandalas and zentangles.

Based in Somerset, England, Sophie looks forward to taking up whatever her clients want to be done, be it greeting cards, tattoo designs or artworks on canvas or paper. If you’re wondering what this avid doodler does when she’s not doodling? She answers it on her website, thus, “When I’m not doodling, you can often find me eating good food and watching travel vlogs!”

Sophie Woolfenden: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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