Barber Without Hands Wows Patrons With His Mastery Over His Profession

We have all come across stories of how people with no hands or feet overcame their handicap to accomplish things that totally shock and surprise. Gabriel Heredia’s story is no different.

Born without hands, Heredia could have become a burden on his family. Of course, with no hands what could one really do to sustain oneself. But, this 20-year-old Argentinian, proved to be made of tougher stuff. With steely resolve, he ventured into something that is simply unthinkable for a person without hands.

Heredia became a barber! If you are wondering how he is able to handle his cutting implements without hands, here’s how. He holds his electric trimmer with the stub ends of both the arms and gives such masterly haircuts that he has earned a name for himself in his profession.

Since childhood, Heredia, though different from normal kids, never let his handicap shadow his positive outlook in life. This made him happy and independent. Says he, “I’ve learnt to serve a glass of water by myself, I’ve studied, I’ve learnt to ride a bike, a motorbike and even to drive a car.” As for what inspired him to become a barber, it was his mother, a hairdresser herself.

Heredia started working as a barber when he was only 14, taking it up as a hobby. Such was his passion for this profession that he soon perfected the art of haircutting and beard trimming. He was never in doubt that this was the profession he would pursue.

Always supported by his loving family, Heredia got help from his family members in opening his first barbershop. He was upbeat about it and wanted his shop to be the best. He also dreamt of opening another barber shop.

He was able to realize his dream. Currently, he has another barber shop in Buenos Aires that he opened with the help of his girlfriend Yanina. It was Yanina’s aunt who provided the space for it, without rent.Needless to say, his business is booming, as people throng to the shop from all over the city for his services.

What makes Heredia like is job is not only his passion for it, but also the chance it provides of meeting people. Says he, “The thing that I like the most about my job is that people feel comfortable and stylish with my cuts and that makes me feel happy.”

Heredia’s is a story that teaches us that no obstacle is big enough to stop you from achieving your goal, if you are determined to achieve it.

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