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Seven-Month-Old Born With A Shock Of Hair Becomes Internet Sensation

Babies are no more babies is proven by a seven-month-old Japanese girl who is bestowed with something that would make style divas envious! No, it’s not her chubby cheeks or her big round eyes that are making people sit up and take note, it’s her luxurious thick tresses.

Meet Baby Chanco, who is making waves on the internet with over 220,000 followers on Instagram alone! Although the toddler still cannot walk or talk, it’s her luxurious and voluminous thick black hair that has got her fans in a tizzy.

With such impressive hair, can style be far behind? It’s as if Baby Chanco is somehow aware of her instant fame. In all her pictures on the social media, she can be found in a variety of impressive hairstyles that go so well with her adorable expressions. In some pictures she is seen sporting clips and in others cute bows. Even in her natural state, this bundle of joy looks oh-so-adorable!

It is thanks to Chanco’s mother, who started sharing her photos on Instagram in a ‘hair diary’ that overawed the viewers. It was only a matter of time when her pictures went viral on the internet.

Why Baby Chanco’s hair is a natural oddity is because at her tender age most babies only start sprouting their first hairs. But, when Chanco was born in December 2017, she had a full mane. This happened because of some hormonal factors that decide the amount of hair on the head at birth. There have been cases of babies being born with a full mane, but they tend to shed them after a few weeks. But, this doesn’t seem to be the case with Chanco, who is most likely to retain her mop.

It is just a matter of time when hair product companies queue up outside Chanco’s door to make her endorse their hair products. If her parents ever make the decision to take up advertising assignments on her behalf, they’d certainly hit the jackpot!

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Image Via: babychanco

Image Via: babychanco

Image Via: babychanco

Image Via: babychanco

Image Via: babychanco

Image Via: babychanco

Image Via: babychanco

Image Via: babychanco

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