Dying Father Accompany Daughter Down The Aisle On A Stretcher

Besides being bedridden for a year 65-year-old Pedro Villarin from the Philippines escorts daughter on her wedding day on a stretcher. He was so weak that it was impossible for him to ‘walk” down the aisle on a wheelchair but he was able to accompany her in an ambulance stretcher.

65-year-old Pedro fighting terminal liver cancer & was bedridden from a year. he was arranged to attend her daughter’s wedding ceremony in an ambulance along with the private nurse.


The father proudly hold her daughter’s hand to accompany her & the relative helped pull the stretcher. It was a heartbreaking moment for everyone. days later his daughter revealed that her day passed away just a few days after the wedding.

Ms Villarin said: “That wedding was really for him because he wanted to walk with me to the altar and witness my wedding since according to him I was his favourite daughter.”



More Info: Unilad | Mirror

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