Incredible Tattoo Art Of This Tattoo Artist Is Difficult To Distinguish From Actual Photographs

The word ‘tattoo’ falls short of what David Corden renders on the skin. This gifted tattoo artist possesses the expertise to recreate whole portraits, movie characters, animals and whatever you fancy in full color on your skin. It seems as if an actual photograph has been reproduced on the skin.

Corden grew up in Sittingbourne in Kent, southeast of England. Being passionate about art, he attended art at Fulston Manor School, but despite his natural talent, he found the going tough. Although passionate about art since his childhood, his aim for an A level in this art school was never realized. In fact, he ended up with a ‘U’ grade, the lowest one can get, with the comment that his work “looked so much like a photo, you may as well have handed in a photo!”

Anyone else getting such a treatment would’ve given up art for good, but not Corden, who went on to gain a diploma in Graphic Design from the Canterbury College of Art and Design. At that time, he didn’t see art as a career and took up a temporary job as a Ventilation Engineer.

Corden’s interest in art was rekindled, when he got the first tattoo of his own design. It acted as a wake-up call for the sleeping artist within him. Jim Gambell, his tattooist, saw the potential in Corden’s drawings and wanted to see more of his works. So impressed was he that he kept him as his apprentice in his Ritual Art Tattoo studio. This acted as a stepping stone for Corden to reach where he’s now.

Corden, who has been in tattooing business since 2007, operates from his first studio, called Semper, located in the famous Grassmarket of Edinburg, Scotland. His current Instagram fan following has touched an enviable figure of 178,000 and counting.

David Corden: Website | Instagram

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