Drinking Coffee In This South Korean’s Coffee Shop Is Akin To Visiting An Art Gallery!

It’s true that drinking coffee whipped up by South Korean master barista, Lee Kang Bin, is akin to visiting an art gallery. And if you’re wondering how you just need to order a latte and this exceptional coffee maker will create a masterpiece on the foamy cream topping of your coffee. The art is so beautiful that you’ll feel reluctant to even take a sip of your coffee, lest you destroy the painting!

Bin is certainly passionate about what he does with his lattes. He uses all materials and tools, such as food coloring, small brushes, spoons, and mini ice picks, to create famous masterpieces, portraits, landscapes, Disney characters, cartoons, logos, and what have you, on coffee. He has to his credit reproducing famous paintings, such as ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch, ‘The Starry Night’ by Vincent van Gogh, a couple’s actual Niagara Falls vacation photo, and many more.

And this craft is certainly not easy. It’s evidently a delicate process and takes Bin anything between fifteen minutes to over an hour per cup to finish. And customers visiting his coffee shop are required to place an order in advance to get their favorite painting done.

Bin has given a name to his craft and calls it ‘Cremart’. Says he, “I wanted to find amazing and delicate new flavors of coffee, so I developed Cremart. And now many people like my Cremart. I hope I’ll find some more people who’ll enjoy it.” Asked about his inspiration, he says, “I get inspiration for my art from various themes, such as movies, politics, anniversaries, national holidays and more.”

It’s not surprising that his coffee art is making waves on the internet. His colorful coffee creations have garnered an amazing fan following. On his Instagram page alone, he has a fan base of over 250,000 and counting.


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