Australian Self-Taught Artist Makes Waves on the Internet

This pop-expressionist painter from Australia, who is making waves on the internet, has had no art school training, yet her stunning works have caught the imagination of the world. Meet Tahlia Stanton, who started using both her hands to paint when she was only 18 months old and started selling paintings when she was merely 15 years old!

Stanton’s work reflects freedom, overwhelming joy, the vibrancy of life, and the abundance of the world. Her paintings show the ever-changing nature of our earth. In an interview with, she says, “My professional career began with the rise of social media. Being recognized at the Young Australian Artist of the Year Awards and awarded a visual art scholarship to Ballarat Clarendon College at the age of 15.”

This 21-year-old artist uses translucent acrylics to get the base colors to start her paintings. She then covers this with oil paint, alternating between translucent and opaque strokes. She uses a variety of painting implements, such as Posca paint pens, oil pastels, spray paints, and even sheets of gold leaf.

In her free-spirited childhood days, Stanton used to spend her days painting without a break and used to come up with uniquely expressive paintings. It is her uniqueness that has catapulted her to fame. In her paintings, such as ‘The Next Step’, she often leaves parts of the figure for the viewers’ eye to complete. It is true that her abstract style makes the viewers scan the canvas, savoring every little detail she has created.

Stanton has her studio in the picturesque Hepburn Shire, Australia, which is a chic converted barn. Here she works with her fiancé. According to her, she explores themes of freedom and authenticity through her artwork. So popular are her works that she enjoys a viewership of over 280,000 on Instagram alone.

Tahlia Stanton

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