Italian Artist Uses Oil and Acrylic Paints to Create Incredible Colorful Artwork Paintings

The abstract renderings of Antonino Puliafico appear as a medley of colors. With his unique artistic style, this Italian artist creates his one-of-a-kind handmade paintings using bold strokes of all hues of vibrant colors. Little wonder his creations immediately attract the eye.

From his childhood, Puliafico was fascinated by landscapes and rural realities, especially the stunning landscapes of Verona, Italy. He was also obsessed with creating colorful dancers with colored chalk on a blackboard and spinning it like a compass to see the hourglass figures dancing through the air.

All this led Puliafico to develop his own artistic style, where he uses personalized shades to create the perfect atmosphere for his colorful artwork paintings that are mostly of massive hills and the countryside. He uses spatulas and brushes to paint the canvas with oil and acrylic paints. One can find hints of the Fauvist and Impressionist movements in his full-bodied strokes of lively colored pigments. Little wonder the colors just dance across the canvas, conveying exactly what he wants to convey in delightful tints and shades.

From where does Puliafico manages to gather his artistic energy to create his incredible paintings, he explains in his web brochure. He believes his artistic energy comes from the stomach, where it is visceral and not controlled. This energy manifests on canvas, not as a realistic or photographic portrayal, but as a play of colors that conveys his subject most vividly.

How Puliafico wants his colorful abstract art to be consumed by viewers he shares on his web brochure, thus, “I intend my paintings to be consumed quickly, but to leave a prolonged visual aftertaste that amalgamates and changes every time the work is observed.” Of course, to create such masterpieces is no easy task and he does so with so much ease because he believes that one should do that which satisfies oneself and one should continue to work till perfection is achieved.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Puliafico’s paintings are popular and have been exhibited around the country.

Antonino Puliafico

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