7 Amazing New Products Or Inventions That Make Life Easier

Aren’t we always on the lookout for easing our day to day existence? Well, here are seven products or inventions that are set to revolutionize the world:

#1 Edible Water Blob

Image Via: OohoWater

This invention, called the edible water blob, makes it easier to carry water wherever you go, without the hassle of carrying a bottle! This blob, that actually looks like a silicone implant, is a frozen ball of water covered in layers of the membrane made of seaweed extract. This gelatinous coating is edible and a great source of water for people on the move. 

 #2 Collapsible Water Bottle

Image Via: HYDAWAY

A collapsible water bottle is an invention ideal for travellers and backpackers hard pressed for space. This bottle can be collapsed into a smaller size, obviating the need for lugging around big bottles or adding to pollution by disposing of plastic bottles. Made of food-grade silicone and plastic, this dishwasher-friendly bottle is taste and odour-free. Just pull it into shape and fill it with water and collapse it after the water is finished.

#3 Rotatable Electric Plugs

Image Via: BoredPanda

If you are fed up with plugs getting bunched up on an extension board that makes some sockets useless due to the size of the plugs, here is an invention that is simple, yet elegant. This extension board has a series of sockets that can be rotated 360 degrees on its axis, preventing such bunching up.

#4 Mini Mobile Printer

Image Via: Amazon

The LG Pocket Photo Printer offers advanced features, such as Near Field Communication, Bluetooth compatibility and quick printing. All you need to do is to tag your smartphone on top of the Pocket photo to start LG Pocket photo app or send your photo via a Bluetooth connection to get a crystal-clear print in just 45 seconds. It uses no ink, but Zink (Zero Ink) photo paper 2.0 for coloured prints.

#5 Clothes Folder

Image Via: KKNews

Now here is an appliance that will save you the drudgery of folding clothes. This ergonomically designed machine takes in the clothes continuously and simultaneously folds them. You have the choice of customizing the folding method and adjusting the fold size.

#6 Mobile Battery Capsules

Image Via: Ynet

Forget mobile chargers, now you have mobile battery capsules made out of tiny, biodegradable and disposable cardboard. They come with several charging times, such as two hours, four hours and six hours. All you need to do is to plug in these capsules into your mobile phone and your phone begins to charge.

#7 Window Solar Charger

Image Via: XD-Design

The window solar charger works on lithium-ion battery and is contained in an ABS plastic case. Before use, it needs to soak up the sun for about three hours, after which it is ready to charge any mobile phone. Just stick it to the window pane or place it flat on the table, where it has access to sunlight.

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