An Amazing Street Artist Is Making People Glued To His Art On The Social Media

Imagine a street artist, who is only known by his initials, JPS, is making waves on the social media, as his art depicts not only things he loves, but even his bad memories! This makes his work quite different from rest of the artist of his genre.

This resident of Weston-Super-Mare, UK was influenced in his younger days by the likes of Salvador Dali, Da Vinci, Cezanne and MC Escher. Cartoon art also inspired him no end. When he got into stencil and street art, Bansky, a New York-based street artist, was the one who inspired him, though he claims that it was he whose art has influenced him!

For JPS, settings for his painting are important for him. For example, he started painting at Barrow Gurney abandoned mental hospital that was going to be demolished soon and was unsafe, just because he liked the setting. And he makes sure authorities don’t cease the flow of his creative juices.

In Norway, he got the permission to paint two walls but went on to paint some others too until the time he was stopped by the Norwegian police. He would have been arrested and his material confiscated, had he not played the dumb Englishman!

JPS enjoys recreating superheroes in great settings, such as Spiderman, Dark Knight, Blade, Ted, Kruger and the like. But, he is not a fulltime artist who paints every day. He takes drawing as a fun hobby and takes his time in doing his paintings.


To do his wall art, JPS uses mtn 94 spray paint, Posca paint pens, surgical gloves, camera, duct tape and more. He also uses colouring pencils and acrylic paints depending on where he is to paint.

JPS has currently involved a documentary being made on his life. Afterwards, he aims to return to Norway for creating some more works to showcase in the US.

Image Via: jps_artist

Image Via: jps_artist

Image Via: jps_artist

Image Via: jps_artist

Image Via: jps_artist

Image Via: jps_artist

Image Via: jps_artist

Image Via: jps_artist

Image Via: jps_artist

Image Via: jps_artist

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