College Student Enters People’s Hearts Through Crocheted Pokemon Figures

Now here’s a college student, called Jazz, who loves to crochet! Although currently studying Information Technology, she has fallen madly in love with Amigurumi, a form of crochet, and aims to create all 982 Pokemon figures to donate them to The Child’s Play Charity, a charitable organization that donates toys and games to children’s hospitals worldwide.

Jazz is an expert in Amigurumi, a type of yarn craft that can be accomplished by knitting or crocheting. Amigurumi differs from crocheting only in sewing and stuffing. Although she doesn’t divulge who has trained her in this art, from all indications, it’s clear that this crochet artist is completely self-taught.

Jazz – The Artist

Jazz certainly accomplishes her crochet work like a pro. She uses a smaller hook size than suggested on the yarn label to get tight stitches in order to create the exact shape of the Pokemon figure. She avoids joining the amigurumi heads, bodies, arms, and legs to prevent creating lines that are clearly visible. Instead, she works continuously, keeping a track of rows with stitch markers. Little wonder all her Pokemon creations look so smooth, exactly like the original, without any joints.

What’s even more creditable is the fact that Jazz does this work with the charity on her mind. For this, she has opened her online shop. She quotes two reasons for opening her shop, one, to share the patterns she creates with others and, second, to build up funding for purchasing the raw materials to continue making the figures, since yarn for crochet is expensive.

Jazz’s ultimate aim is to donate all 892 crocheted Pokemon to charity, either directly or to her supporters in exchange for monetary donations to give to charity. So, take time out and loosen your purse strings to buy a pattern, which will fund her to create another Amigurumi figure. Not only this, but it’ll also help her focus on crocheting and raise the quality of her work.

Jazz’s work is already making people sit up and take notice on the internet. One is really left wondering how this college student, despite her young age, offers such professionally created Pokemon figures.

Togepi(Left), Jigglypuff(centre), Squirtle(Right)



Pikachu & Scorbunny




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