Philipp Weber – Large Scale Paintings of Beautiful Womens

Philipp Weber (b. 1974) is a German painter based in Cologne. His paintings are inspired by the surrealistic painting techniques of Francis Bacon, but with a slightly more humanist approach. They are large-format paintings and make use of the aesthetics from glossy magazines, but the meaning lies in what’s not staged. It’s the view beneath the brilliant surface under which the range of human emotions and inner truths emerge: life and death, wishes and fears, loyalty and betrayal.

Philipp Weber – Dreamlike Images And Surreal Paintings

Philipp Weber is an internationally acclaimed German contemporary artist. His paintings depict moods and emotions that are often hidden beneath the surface of clothing, skin, and surfaces. His work has been shown in galleries around the world.

Philipp Weber has a reputation for painting beautiful women in large formats. The paintings are accompanied by a story that is often very dark and powerful, but always ends on a positive note.

His works frequently show young women in different contexts: at home, in the office, or even on their way somewhere else. The artist creates the illusion of three-dimensional space through his use of glossy magazine aesthetics. This allows him to represent his subjects with precision and detail that would be impossible using traditional methods.

But Weber’s work is not just about portraying these beautiful women; it’s about what lies beneath the surface. It is about what lurks beneath all of our lives—the beauty and fragility of relationships and human connections—and how much we fear being hurt by them or betrayed by those we love most deeply.

Philipp Weber uses his paintings to explore these themes through both narrative and gesture-based imagery that reflects the complexity of life itself.

Philipp Weber creates narratives using surrealistic symbolism while keeping his very own light-hearted touch. These paintings are a fascinating reminder that, in a world driven by time, there is no longer time for dreams, a sentiment captured beautifully by these works of art.


Philipp Weber

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  1. Charles Henry Sherman

    How long to create on average, and what do they sell for.One picture with tear filled eyes grabbed me bigtime unbelievable gift or master of trade .

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