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This Amazing Artist Draws With Pen On Her Clothes And Body

What do you get when you blend a creative Jordanian with a practical Russian. Well, you get Randa Haddadin, a visual artist, who is making waves on the social media with her artwork. Born of Russian-Jordanian parents in 1985, she’s currently based in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates.

Haddadin started out as an architect, having obtained her BA in architecture from the University of Jordan -Amman, Jordan in 2009. Till recently she worked for an architectural firm, but it was her love for the visual arts that emboldened her to take a leap of faith. And it was this decision that catapulted her to fame. What’s more, she’s entirely self-taught in visual arts.

She’s best known for her works in watercolour, ink and, believe it or not, coffee! But, it’s her drawings on clothes and body that is attracting much attention worldwide on the social media.

So, what inspires Haddadin? According to her, she’s inspired by personal experiences and the stories about people around her. Her work conveys the deep struggles that lie concealed in her mind, heart and soul. Using basic raw materials and traditional techniques, she manages to bring out her feelings and emotions on the canvas, whether it is paper, cloth or even skin!

Haddadin is adept at mixing different mediums to express the way she views what surrounds her. Through her works, she expresses how she feels at a certain moment in time and what she dreams of. Her favourite subjects celebrate people, fashion, dance, buildings and urban cities.

It comes as no surprise that Haddadin’s work has been featured in both local and international magazines. It has also been part of many collective exhibitions in Amman and New York. Not only this, but her work has also featured many times on Valentino and Roberto Cavalli official pages. It also features in several art websites. Currently, she collaborates with Nescafe, Makeup Forever and Vacheron Constantin.

Haddadin has refined her skills in painting and sketching on clothes and her body. Her favourites are her bare thighs or jeans, on which she uses her unique technique with only a pen to craft such amazing creations. Little wonder, she enjoys a following of over 46,000 on Instagram.

Haddadin is eternally grateful to her avid fans. Says she, “Since the beginning of this year I took the step to work full time on what I’ve always been passionate about…arts. And one of the main things I found myself struggling with along the way was finding enough motivation and assurance that I’m on the right path. With every message I received from you, my demons slowly disappear and for that, I’m utterly grateful to you.”

Image: Randa Haddadin

Image: Randa Haddadin

Image: Randa Haddadin

Image: Randa Haddadin

Image: Randa Haddadin

Image: Randa Haddadin

Image: Randa Haddadin

Image: Randa Haddadin

Randa Haddadin

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