The Stylish Penguin Egg Cooker Makes Amazingly Perfect Boiled Eggs

If you’re one of those, who are hopeless at boiling eggs, your troubles are set to be over. Peleg Design is marketing an amazing egg cooker that gives perfectly boiled eggs.

This aesthetic egg cooker is basically a metal stand that has six metal penguins affixed to it. Each penguin has a space in place of its body to insert eggs. You simply need to place your eggs into these spaces and clip them, and you’re set to boil them most perfectly.

The unique selling proposition of this egg boiler is it doesn’t let the eggs get overcooked or undercooked. Although chefs agree that a soft-boiled egg requires four to five minutes and a hard-boiled one, eight to nine minutes, a perfect egg needs six to seven minutes to make.

Once the eggs are clipped in place, you need to put this cooker into boiling water by means of its heat-resistant handle. Depending upon the type of boiled egg you need, you let the cooker stand in the hot water for that much time.

Boiling eggs with the help of this cooker is a breeze since boiling doesn’t require any supervision and there is no risk of splashing of hot water. You also don’t have to take the trouble of ‘fishing’ the boiled eggs out of hot water once they’re cooked. This snazzy-looking cooker not only boils eggs but is also an excellent way to serve and store eggs.

You can buy this egg boiler on Amazon.

Image Via: Peleg Design

Image Via: Peleg Design

Image Via: Peleg Design

Image Via: Peleg Design

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