Five-Story Tokyo Olympic 2020 Main Stadium, With A Capacity Of 60,000, Is Built From Forest Wood Of 47 Japanese Prefectures That Were Destroyed In Tsunami In 2011

You will have to hand it over to the Japanese to be frugal, where resources are concerned. The catastrophe that besieged Japan in the form of tsunami and earthquakes in 2011, destroyed acres of forest in no less than its 47 prefectures. Not one to let such priceless natural resource go waste, the officials decided …

Solid, Life-Size Metal Sculptures, Made From Machinery Parts, Seem To Possess A Soul Of Their Own

It has to be a sheer genius to translate the intricacies and delicate details of natural forms and structures into metal while retaining the same delicacy and fineness. This scientific illustrator turned metal sculptor, does exactly that. She’s Penny Hardy, a British artist, who has a way to breathe life into metal.

Ultra-Realistic Spherical Canvases Of Gifted Japanese Artist Provide A 360-Degree View

Imagine a spherical mirror and visualize how it would reflect the surroundings. What Daisuke Samejima, a Japanese artist and painter, does is to reproduce the same on a spherical canvas with paint and a brush with such realism that it’s impossible to distinguish between the two! And it’s not only spherical canvasses he does but …